Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Poker Night

Here is the word list we came up with in class for "Poker Night".

Poker Chips
Green Gaming Table

Monday, January 26, 2009

Word List for Type II

I chose jumper cables for my everyday object, I thought it would be interesting because they utilize electricity. I thought the clamps were also interesting because the look kinda mean, but yet the are there to help.

Here is my word list so far for the pairings...

Electrify, Amaze, Jar, Jolt, Stagger, Strike, Revive, Animate, Arouse, Awaken, Energize, Rally, Broken, Recover, Refresh, Invigorate, Renew, Strengthen, Broken, Burst, Collapsed, Crippled, Damaged, Hurt, Injured, Separated, Split, Dead, Asleep, Cold, Lifeless, Stiff, Rescue, Liberation, Release, Help, Aid, Assist, Support, Nourishment, Frustrated, Cramped, Defeated, Discouraged, Bite, Chomp, Pinch, Stranded, Alone, Positive, Negative, Opposing, Removed, Weak, Life, Energy, Enthusiasm, Death, Anihilation, Casualty, End, Sleep, Juice, Power, Influence, Beginning, Dawn, Connection, Friend, Relation, Grounded, Frankenstien, Monster, Giant, Freak, Fear, Fear, Mutant, Creation, Conduct.