Saturday, February 28, 2009

Poker Night

Here are my final 6 icons.

My series of icons started off with a loose feel, they almost looked like they were flying through the air

But after trying to apply this style to the rest of my object, the rules began to change from a loose and free shape to more geometric design...

After a few more revisions, my icons began to relate more to a casino something of the sort instead of the poker night at the house which was the original intent. The introduction of the pretzel helped bring that friendly poker night at the house feeling back. But the drink still had an elegant, fancy feel so I switched it up...

This drink looks a lot more like a home made Crown & Coke, as opposed to a bartender shaking up a martini and adding an olive.

Throughout the process I really discovered how to simplify objects, but still leave enough information to convey the message of what it is. Also, to pay attention more to detail as one thing can change the whole mood or message of what you are trying to communicate.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

7 Deadly Sins (The Beginning)

As I began to jump into this project I had this idea that I would try and communicate the 7 deadly sins by using shadow puppets on my rough, dirty basement wall. I chose this approach because sins is evil, and evil is said to lurk in the shadows.

I began the process by looking around online for tips on how to make really good shadow puppets. I came across a site that offered many. I decided on an animal theme for my puppets (Pig for sloth, mean dog for wrath, etc.).

I went to Target and bought a desk lamp for $10 that would serve as my projector. I got home and anxiously setup the stage that my puppet show would take place. I jumped right in and attempted to recreate the puppets that I had printed out from the internet only to find out that I suck at puppets. Not only do I suck at puppets, but I believe you might have to be double jointed, or have extra fingers to pull off some of the animals I thought were going to be easy.

Not only did my hands and fingers begin to ache, but I got this feeling like I wanted to smash something. This feeling usually comes about when I become stressed. I tried a few other puppets, but this time the failure was too much. I backed off.

I decided that my idea wasn't going to work and it was time to come up with a new one. I did have a plan from the start to do something with all these plastic flies that I had from a Typography I project last semester. I began to sketch out ideas for how I would communicate the 7 sins with the flies.

I began to hang the little flies with fishing line from the ceiling and tossing ideas around in my head. The sketches were helpful in giving me a direction for each of the sins, but most of the ideas I captured came on the fly (huh huh...).

Here are my initial images. I will not title them, hopefully I did a good enough job for now that you can figure out which ones go with which sin. In case you didn't know, the 7 deadly sins are: Glutton, Sloth, Pride, Greed, Wrath, Lust, Envy.

Comments appreciated.