Thursday, March 25, 2010


"Projected typography and it's vast applications"

The Luminosity typographic conference will focus on projected typography and typography created by light. This conference will include discussions about a broad area of applications ranging from advertising to graffiti. There will also be workshops that will allow attendees hands on experimentation. Type designer Robert Brownjohn will also be present giving talks throughout the conference.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

User Experience - Conceptualizing Cont.

Here is where I am currently with the concepts for the organic juice product line. These are the labels which will be on the front of the bottles. There will be 2 flavors ( orange and grape), 2 sizes ( large and to-go size) and a carrying case ( will hold 2 to-go sizes).

I have ordered the bottles and they are supposed to be here Thursday.

I have sketched out the carrier, but will need to wait until I have the bottles to begin construction. It will be constructed out of recycled materials to fit with the product line.

Looking at them now, I should probably lose the stripes. But I feel that there needs to be something else there. The labels look to bare without anything behind them.

Monday, March 8, 2010

User Experience - Conceptualizing

From my research panels I began to pull different color palates. I believe some convey my idea better than others. I focused on colors of actual fruit and varied them. I began to work them into a series that fit with what kind of information I got from the research boards.

I also began looking at typefaces. After some toying around I felt that the scripty handwritten looking type fit better with the direction I am looking to go. However I felt that rather then just using a typeface on my machine, type drawn specifically for this product would be best.

I began drawing some in Illustrator and playing with it as the logo for the product.

Here is the glass containers for my product that I ordered.


Experimental Typography - Blog Deliverable

Initially my area of interest was inspired by projected graffiti. Using a high powered lazer pointer, a projector, and a laptop, these people were able to "tag" a very large building.

Lazer Tag

Here is an interesting video where the projection actually interacts with the building's windows. Really cool, but the music makes me want to throw my computer. Listen to this one with the sound OFF.

Type Experiments 01

Type Experiments 01 from Jonathan Richardson on Vimeo.

Type Experiments 02

Type Experiments 02 from Jonathan Richardson on Vimeo.

My drawing is crude. I apologize.

Typographic Conference - Concept Map