Monday, March 8, 2010

Experimental Typography - Blog Deliverable

Initially my area of interest was inspired by projected graffiti. Using a high powered lazer pointer, a projector, and a laptop, these people were able to "tag" a very large building.

Lazer Tag

Here is an interesting video where the projection actually interacts with the building's windows. Really cool, but the music makes me want to throw my computer. Listen to this one with the sound OFF.

Type Experiments 01

Type Experiments 01 from Jonathan Richardson on Vimeo.

Type Experiments 02

Type Experiments 02 from Jonathan Richardson on Vimeo.

My drawing is crude. I apologize.


waqar qureshi said...

I liked it and really it is so interesting and wonderful information, too!

milky said...

It's definitely a work of art.

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