Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cover Process

I started with these two images of Gertrude Stein. One is a painting, and the other is a black and white photograph. I was looking to go a different direction other than just putting the type on one of the images, or photo-montaging images together in Photoshop. I started looking at Cubism and Dadaism and came up with the idea of cutting and pasting the images outside of the computer, then scanning it in and adding type.

Here is a quick sketch I worked off of.

Here is the first version of the image.

The hand coming from her head is meant to represent her mind writing these poems, and the question mark I used to replace her hand is meant to represent the mysteriousness of her poems.

After a crit I have made a few changes...

I am going to keep the type more controlled and less expressive, and leave the expression to the image, and the treatment of the poems.

I am also considering something like this for my cover, but will see what kind of feedback I get...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Tender Buttons Progress

Here are my spreads so far, I am still missing the contents page and cover. Still working...

Friday, September 25, 2009



Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Historic Graphic Design

For this project I have selected Rosbuad Musica Viva 1959 by Josef Muller-Brockmann.

It is part of a series of famous posters he designed for the Zurich Tonhalle from 1950-1972. The colored squares represent the harmony of music. I believe this falls into the Pathos mode of appeal, but could also be Ethos as well.

I could also cover the series, or a few from the series as there are many.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Final Rhetoric Poster

Overall I would have to say I am satisfied with the turnout of my poster. Aside from it curdling (giving it that crumpled look) sometime between Saturday night and Monday morning, and it being cast aside to the dark wooden door (which further highlighted the flaws in the piece) and later ripped down and just stuck to the side, I would say everything went pretty well.

My concept for the poster was based on the fast tempo of the Eldar Djangirov Trio's music. I attempted to communicate this by using personification of piano keys and to make them "run" off the edge of the poster. The change of scale in the keys could also fall under the hyperbole category. The legs of the keys also resemble music notes which is also a bit of metaphor.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Noun, and verb ideas

Here are the nouns I have come up with.


And here are the verbs for these nouns

Lock: Control, Secure, and Engage.

Arm: Bend, Break, Hurt.

Opponent: Strike, and Attack.

Type 3 Project 2 Infancy



Water astonishing and difficult altogether makes a meadow and a stroke.


A single climb to a line, a straight exchange to a cane, a desperate adventure and courage and a clock, all this which is a system, which has feeling, which has resignation and success, all makes an attractive black silver.


A violent luck and a whole sample and even then quiet.

Water is squeezing, water is almost squeezing on lard. Water, water is a mountain and it is selected and it is so practical that there is no use in money. A mind under is exact and so it is necessary to have a mouth and eye glasses.

A question of sudden rises and more time than awfulness is so easy and shady. There is precisely that noise.

A peck a small piece not privately overseen, not at all not a slice, not at all crestfallen and open, not at all mounting and chaining and evenly surpassing, all the bidding comes to tea.

A separation is not tightly in worsted and sauce, it is so kept well and sectionally.

Put it in the stew, put it to shame. A little slight shadow and a solid fine furnace.

The teasing is tender and trying and thoughtful.

The line which sets sprinkling to be a remedy is beside the best cold.

A puzzle, a monster puzzle, a heavy choking, a neglected Tuesday.

Wet crossing and a likeness, any likeness, a likeness has blisters, it has that and teeth, it has the staggering blindly and a little green, any little green is ordinary.

One, two and one, two, nine, second and five and that.

A blaze, a search in between, a cow, only any wet place, only this tune.

Cut a gas jet uglier and then pierce pierce in between the next and negligence. Choose the rate to pay and pet pet very much. A collection of all around, a signal poison, a lack of languor and more hurts at ease.

A white bird, a colored mine, a mixed orange, a dog.

Cuddling comes in continuing a change.

A piece of separate outstanding rushing is so blind with open delicacy.

A canoe is orderly. A period is solemn. A cow is accepted.

A nice old chain is widening, it is absent, it is laid by.


Any neglect of many particles to a cracking, any neglect of this makes around it what is lead in color and certainly discolor in silver. The use of this is manifold. Supposing a certain time selected is assured, suppose it is even necessary, suppose no other extract is permitted and no more handling is needed, suppose the rest of the message is mixed with a very long slender needle and even if it could be any black border, supposing all this altogether made a dress and suppose it was actual, suppose the mean way to state it was occasional, if you suppose this in August and even more melodiously, if you suppose this even in the necessary incident of there certainly being no middle in summer and winter, suppose this and an elegant settlement a very elegant settlement is more than of consequence, it is not final and sufficient and substituted. This which was so kindly a present was constant.


If the speed is open, if the color is careless, if the selection of a strong scent is not awkward, if the button holder is held by all the waving color and there is no color, not any color. If there is no dirt in a pin and there can be none scarcely, if there is not then the place is the same as up standing.

This is no dark custom and it even is not acted in any such a way that a restraint is not spread. That is spread, it shuts and it lifts and awkwardly not awkwardly the centre is in standing.

Act so that there is no use in a centre. A wide action is not a width. A preparation is given to the ones preparing. They do not eat who mention silver and sweet. There was an occupation.

A whole centre and a border make hanging a way of dressing. This which is not why there is a voice is the remains of an offering. There was no rental.

So the tune which is there has a little piece to play. And the exercise is all there is of a fast. The tender and true that makes no width to hew is the time that there is question to adopt.

To begin the placing there is no wagon. There is no change lighter. It was done. And then the spreading, that was not accomplishing that needed standing and yet the time was not so difficult as they were not all in place. They had no change. They were not respected. They were that, they did it so much in the matter and this showed that that settlement was not condensed. It was spread there. Any change was in the ends of the centre. A heap was heavy. There was no change.

Burnt and behind and lifting a temporary stone and lifting more than a drawer.

The instance of there being more is an instance of more. The shadow is not shining in the way there is a black line. The truth has come. There is a disturbance. Trusting to a baker’s boy meant that there would be very much exchanging and anyway what is the use of a covering to a door. There is a use, they are double.

If the centre has the place then there is distribution. That is natural. There is a contradiction and naturally returning there comes to be both sides and the centre. That can be seen from the description.

The author of all that is in there behind the door and that is entering in the morning. Explaining darkening and expecting relating is all of a piece. The stove is bigger. It was of a shape that made no audience bigger if the opening is assumed why should there not be kneeling. Any force which is bestowed on a floor shows rubbing. This is so nice and sweet and yet there comes the change, there comes the time to press more air. This does not mean the same as disappearance.

A little lingering lion and a Chinese chair, all the handsome cheese which is stone, all of it and a choice, a choice of a blotter. If it is difficult to do it one way there is no place of similar trouble. None. The whole arrangement is established. The end of which is that there is a suggestion, a suggestion that there can be a different whiteness to a wall. This was thought.

A page to a corner means that the shame is no greater when the table is longer. A glass is of any height, it is higher, it is simpler and if it were placed there would not be any doubt.

Something that is an erection is that which stands and feeds and silences a tin which is swelling. This makes no diversion that is to say what can please exaltation, that which is cooking.

A shine is that which when covered changes permission. An enclosure blends with the same that is to say there is blending. A blend is that which holds no mice and this is not because of a floor it is because of nothing, it is not in a vision.

A fact is that when the place was replaced all was left that was stored and all was retained that would not satisfy more than another. The question is this, is it possible to suggest more to replace that thing. This question and this perfect denial does make the time change all the time.

Poster Iterations

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Baskerville Mailer (Process)

This is to show progress.

Here are some sketches and other various items I gathered while working on the Baskerville mailer in Type 3.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Concpet Iterations