Sunday, February 28, 2010

Type IV - Projected Type Experiment

Here are some pictures from some of my experiments. I will probably hang these on the wall. I also have a 30sec. video that will play on my computer, and a version of my experiment people can interact with. I will post the video as soon as it uploads to Vimeo. Here are the images.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

POV Refinements

My idea for this project is to have a time line at the bottom of the site where users could choose the content they wish to display. The first image shows the page without any user interaction. The tabs on the time line will change upon a rollover and display content when clicked.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trippy Light Type

I have to say I after the experiments I have been conducting I am in a little bit different place than I thought I would be at this point. However, that isn't a bad thing.

Initially I was asking questions about how projected type could be interactive, either with the user or with the surface it was being projected upon. Due to the lack of a projector I could take around and use for my experiments I began using a flashlight and letters cut out of cardboard and such. I discovered some interesting things there which didn't quite answer the initial question exactly, but led me down a slightly different path.

I began using transparencies and shinning the flashlight through them. I'm not sure if it's the flashlight or what, but the results are very interesting. This has led me to an idea I have that would merge what I have discovered through my experiments, and user interactivity.

My drawing is crude. I apologize.

It will consist of a tube constructed from bristol board and foam core which I would shine the flashlight through. The squares would be cut out sections where the user could place provided type. Each square would consist of a different letter, and there could possibly be more than one typeface used. The user could then create their own message. The user could also control the distance, and the angle of the light which changes the appearance of the type.

It's dope.

I would include more images, but I need to work on capturing them better first. So far the ways I have attempted, haven't reproduced the results I desire.

Friday, February 19, 2010

User Experience - Project 2: The Brief

The Product:
The product will be a line of 100% natural juices made from organically grown ingredients.

Target User:
The target user will be any person, of any age, of any gender, of any nationality, who seeks a pure, natural, healthy beverage.

Proposed Strategy:
Proposed strategy will be to inform the target users of facts about our emphasizing on the wholesomeness of the product, and the company. The selling point will be the fact that our product is 100% natural and does not contain any additives. There are many facts about nutrients and additives that could be used to persuade a consumer.

Product Line:
The line will consist of a variety of juices, from fruits to vegetables. They will come in 2 sizes. The 1st being a larger gallon size for the home. The 2nd will be be a 12oz. re-usable bottle for on-the-go or purchase on it's own.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Designalogue Banner

This was a little harder than I thought. Documenting this experiment is difficult, and unfortunately this photo does not do it justice. A special thanks to Carly for helping me out.

This is supposed to have motion but it was very hard to produce crisp photographs, and my camcorder isn't the best quality. So for now this is what I have.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Experiments

So over the weekend I conducted a few more experiments, one was such a failure I'm not even sure if it counts. I have decided to document these in order to limit the amount of stuff I need to drag with me to class for show and tell.

First I had an idea to help channel the light from the source I would construct a tube. Then at the end of the tube I place a mirror and wrote on it.

This one wasn't very cool.

I discovered the piece below on flickr. I'm not sure if the piece moves, but it made me wonder what this would be like if it spun or rotated. I also wondered about different levels of type that could each be spun much like a combination lock...

I think the material I used was way too flimsy for this experiment.

Finally, using a transparency and a flashlight I got some results. I will bring this in to share with the class.


Here is some of my process thus far.

These aren't much to look at, but are merely a way for me to figure out how I will organize all the content I plan to use.

In the first idea I planned to just have McCoy and Vignelli's name displayed, then once the user rolled over their names navigation would appear. After that a new page would appear with navigation and a "stage" for the content. This would apply for both McCoy and Vignelli as well as a section about Modernism and Postmodernism.

The second would use a window that would pop up holding the content that the user wanted to view. The window would have a button to close it and return to the main page. The new window would contain a navigation to display different content as well, without returning to the main page.

The third idea would was to have 4 main sections and as the user clicked on on these sections, a different navigation would appear for each. From there the user could select the content to be viewed on the "stage".

After some discussion my ideas where the content and options were all available to the user at once were the best solutions. From there I did some more sketches. This time concentrating on keeping all the content available all the time. I looked back to the Narrative assignment we did last semester where we built a page the user could switch the content on and off as they desired.

From these I developed 3 more loose wireframe ideas in Illustrator.

Each would have a "stage" and options for the user to display. In the first and third, the content would switch as the user clicked through the options. In the second the content would stay on the screen until the user turned it off. Could also be interactive possibly, where the user could choose how the content boxes are arranged on the screen. Possibly.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Research (Cont.)

After sharing my experiments with Abby, and some discussion, I am wondering about creating a screen based font that would move, or could be moved by the user. During our discussion Abby up a valid point about the line between innovative experimental typography and cheesy glitter type. See Here...

Towards the end of my video Type Experiments 01 some very cool things begin to happen with a circle of light that warps the letter "A". I am wondering if perhaps through my research I have discovered a new path, or if I am steering in the wrong direction.

Type Experiments 01 from Jonathan Richardson on Vimeo.

Similar things happen at the end of Type Experiments 02. The letter "A" begins to look almost holographic. This could also be an option, but I have not considered any interactive solutions yet.

Type Experiments 02 from Jonathan Richardson on Vimeo.

I guess I'm kind of at a crossroads right now and need to figure out which direction I need to focus on.

Designer Bio

Designer Bio

While reading from the Triggs book, I came across the work of Robert Brownjohn and discovered how similar his work was to some of the experiments I have been conducting.

Brownjohn was inspired by watching the effect of still type projected onto moving bodies as people arrived late for a slide presentation. He went on to do several projects based on this idea including the title sequences for 'From Russia With Love', and 'Goldfinger'

From Russia With Love Title Sequence

Goldfinger Title Sequence

Brownjohn attended the Institute of Design in Chicago and graduated in 1950. After graduating, he moved to New York to pursue his graphic design career. Early experiments included the booklet "Watching Words Move" in which he re-designed words like "add" and "subtract" to "+dd" and "-tract".

In 1963 his work began to shift to moving type. It was in this year he produced the title sequnce for "From Russia With Love". The following year he was hired again by the producers of the James Bond series for the title sequence for "Goldfinger".

Robert Brownjohn died in 1970.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Reasearch and Experiments

Initially my area of interest was inspired by projected graffiti. Using a high powered lazer pointer, a projector, and a laptop, these people were able to "tag" a very large building.

Lazer Tag

There is some code that was written to go along with this that created the drip effect, which I believe could be manipulated. you can also create you own shapes and brushes to "tag" with.

Here is an interesting video where the projection actually interacts with the building's windows. Really cool, but the music makes me want to throw my computer. Listen to this one with the sound OFF.

My Experiments
Here is a video I have compiled of a few of my own experiments using a flashlight and a letter "A" I cut out of cardboard. For another experiment I made a makeshift lightbox and wrote on red film. I also came across some interesting finds while shinning the flashlight through an Aquafina bottle filled with red-colored water.

Type Experiments 01

Type Experiments 01 from Jonathan Richardson on Vimeo.

Type Experiments 02

Type Experiments 02 from Jonathan Richardson on Vimeo.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Odor

Univers was unusually stinky this morning... more later.