Sunday, February 14, 2010


Here is some of my process thus far.

These aren't much to look at, but are merely a way for me to figure out how I will organize all the content I plan to use.

In the first idea I planned to just have McCoy and Vignelli's name displayed, then once the user rolled over their names navigation would appear. After that a new page would appear with navigation and a "stage" for the content. This would apply for both McCoy and Vignelli as well as a section about Modernism and Postmodernism.

The second would use a window that would pop up holding the content that the user wanted to view. The window would have a button to close it and return to the main page. The new window would contain a navigation to display different content as well, without returning to the main page.

The third idea would was to have 4 main sections and as the user clicked on on these sections, a different navigation would appear for each. From there the user could select the content to be viewed on the "stage".

After some discussion my ideas where the content and options were all available to the user at once were the best solutions. From there I did some more sketches. This time concentrating on keeping all the content available all the time. I looked back to the Narrative assignment we did last semester where we built a page the user could switch the content on and off as they desired.

From these I developed 3 more loose wireframe ideas in Illustrator.

Each would have a "stage" and options for the user to display. In the first and third, the content would switch as the user clicked through the options. In the second the content would stay on the screen until the user turned it off. Could also be interactive possibly, where the user could choose how the content boxes are arranged on the screen. Possibly.

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