Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Experiments

So over the weekend I conducted a few more experiments, one was such a failure I'm not even sure if it counts. I have decided to document these in order to limit the amount of stuff I need to drag with me to class for show and tell.

First I had an idea to help channel the light from the source I would construct a tube. Then at the end of the tube I place a mirror and wrote on it.

This one wasn't very cool.

I discovered the piece below on flickr. I'm not sure if the piece moves, but it made me wonder what this would be like if it spun or rotated. I also wondered about different levels of type that could each be spun much like a combination lock...

I think the material I used was way too flimsy for this experiment.

Finally, using a transparency and a flashlight I got some results. I will bring this in to share with the class.

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