Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cover Process

I started with these two images of Gertrude Stein. One is a painting, and the other is a black and white photograph. I was looking to go a different direction other than just putting the type on one of the images, or photo-montaging images together in Photoshop. I started looking at Cubism and Dadaism and came up with the idea of cutting and pasting the images outside of the computer, then scanning it in and adding type.

Here is a quick sketch I worked off of.

Here is the first version of the image.

The hand coming from her head is meant to represent her mind writing these poems, and the question mark I used to replace her hand is meant to represent the mysteriousness of her poems.

After a crit I have made a few changes...

I am going to keep the type more controlled and less expressive, and leave the expression to the image, and the treatment of the poems.

I am also considering something like this for my cover, but will see what kind of feedback I get...

1 comment:

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