Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jazz Visual Inspiration

This is my mood board so far. It includes some things that are obvious as well as some things that kind of describe what I felt when I listened to his music. Of course there are piano keys, sheet music symbols, a Grammy and pictures of Jazz musicians, but I also got the feeling of an urban setting in the late evening in the summer. The blurs and "motion" in some of the images represent the flow of his music and also the lightning fast tempo with which he plays at times. I chose warm colors that I thought fit well with the upbeat, uptempo style that is carried out throughout most of his songs and my interpretation of the late evening summertime feel. When it came to fonts I chose fonts with serifs to represent that flow as well. Also I thought the classic looking fonts fit well with his style of music. I am thinking of adding a key as a metaphor to the piano keys or other less obvious items.

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