Friday, December 4, 2009

NA - Proj. 4

Here is my narrative for the 5 facts. I decided to do the data presentation because I felt I would be able to convey facts better rather than a show opener. In the beginning I had decided on the show opener but was having trouble coming up with a concept, and visualizing a basic idea. I started thinking about some facts, and realized there were more potential concepts there. SO, at the very last minute I decided upon the presentation of the following facts that relate to Jiu-Jitsu.

• The average human loses consciousness after 2 minutes without breathing.

• During certain rotations the average human shoulder can only withstand 14 lbs of pressure.

• With the right leverage it is possible to break the human arm with only 8 lbs of pressure.

• Without flow from the carotid arteries, the average human loses consciousness after 8 seconds.

• 20 -30 seconds without carotid artery flow will cause need for resuscitation.

The Storyboard

The presentation changed a little from the final storyboard. Some of the transitions I used in the storyboard didn't make much sense as far as relation to the subject. So they were thrown out. Also I wasn't sure how I was going to treat the text. This would come later.

I represented these facts with medical diagrams, as well as some other visuals that weren't quite as literal. I tried to make it not so literal, but at times felt it was hard to clearly communicate the fact.

Before each fact I showed a stop motion animation that shows 2 Jiu-Jitsu practitioners demonstrating the techniques in which the fact that follows is relevant. I felt this would be a good way to tie the whole thing together.

Here is the "stage" for the live action stuff that takes place while the facts are being displayed. I thought it would be interesting to transition between stop motion and live action during the presentation.

Here is another shot while getting ready to shoot some more.

These guys were there to help, but really just got in the way.

For the type I used Bodoni. The thick and thin parts of the letters resemble something organic and lifelike. I printed the typed facts a bunch of times and then crumpled each piece of paper, giving each piece a different look in an attempt to create a wavy or organic look to them when I animated them.

Overall I am satisfied with the project, although I still feel there is room for improvements. This was a project that I had a lot of fun doing, while not only learning new and mysterious software (AfterEffects) but also learning how to convey facts or ideas with imagery in motion.

jRichardson_data from Jonathan Richardson on Vimeo.


tammyshell said...

I would say photo carries the most weight within your hierarchy. Maybe video wins out in the end when the viewer is forced to experience a faint. The facts typed on paper infuses some weight of authority.

Your photographic imagery is amazing. i think you added nice drama at the beginning with the candle being extinguished as a symbol of death. Maybe fade the type sooner—then again, it just now clicked that you are extinguishing the type itself…smarty. the images that are revealed after the headlock shot are hard to understand—at that moment, I think you might be entering overkill territory with amount of symbols, just at the very beginning; (it might be the quality of the vimeo video). I have to say it , the scan lines are a little distracting in some of the images; you probably knew that. I love that I actually loose consciousness in this. You are clever. (By, the way, I broke my arm on a swingset when I was five. I was trying to impress my cousin with a flip, and instead got to see blood and my bone.)

AGallagher said...

Transition between scenes would be nice.
maybe a quicker pace between images?
The toothpick tears- I want it to snap

LOVE the red tubing the first time around... not so much the second time.
Love the metaphor of the candle slowly going out.
Great use of blurry text, makes me feel like the person getting knocked out

Watch your text the first time it comes on screen- the black eats a bit of the type

snakes? Could be cool but it should be a bit faster, there are some nice choppy moments, you could play that up maybe a bit more?

Your imagery towards the end is much more captivating than the imagery towards the front. The red images really help to set the tone of your piece.

Sorry this took so long to get to you.... kinda forgot I said I'd post lol.

Anonymous said...

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