Saturday, April 4, 2009

Diagram Iterations

Here are a few of the iterations I did for the Chain Reaction diagram.

This was the first. This is really a lot like my final Paper Prototype.

For this one, I tried to make it like a poker table and the groups were all players in the game.

For this one I tried to take a linear approach starting with Technical because everything begins with playing poker.

For this one I was thinking of a trickle down effect and put economy and health at the bottom.


AGallagher said...

Class Crit

look at arrow weight for importance, Snacks most important?
look at type size, 12 steps as important as subtitle
better color on right (non-sick colors)
look at arrow shape, no shit-trees
size down circles?
once you go out of the circles you don't go back in, you just follow the black line path around

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