Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Type and Image Animation-- Final Thoughts

With this project I learned quite about about animating type, but there were a few things that I utilized more than others. The first being foreshadowing and recall. Although I didn't directly foreshadow an event in my narrative, I used the verb "Strike" at the beginning to surprise the viewer. Much like a person would be surprised to be punched in the face. I did this to introduce the fight sequence to the viewer.

The second biggest thing that I learned about was the different types of juxtaposition. There is Layered, Simultaneous, and Sequential (which I used the most) juxtaposition. I chose to leave the last 2 frames out of my original narrative and replaced them with the last 2 verbs "Bend" and "Break". I feel that the type taking the place of the original frames improves the viewers experience.

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