Friday, October 30, 2009


I was trying to communicate the microphone as being a powerful object in the sense that they are used to speak to crowds of people. A microphone can be a tool used to spark a revolution, a rally, or a protest.

Based on the feedback I received I believe I failed at communicating this message. Actually I think I failed at communicating any message at all.

"An interesting image but lacks a clear meaning."

I believe my channel (blog), and the time constraints added noise to the message in the sense that when I originally uploaded my 5 postcards they were inverted and the 4 that were in color were different than I had intended. I felt that the receiver would view the microphone on a blue background differently than on a red background. Due to the time constraints, there wasn't much time to figure out what was wrong. So rather than sending a message that may be received different, or possibly opposite from my intentions, I sent the postcard that was black and white, and not affected by my technical difficulties.

So I guess in a way I was successful