Monday, November 2, 2009


After no visual response from Postcard 1, I used the information I received from the text response and just tried to further communicate my initial idea.


skunta said...
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skunta said...

In your final iteration of the microphone, I'm still a bit unclear on the meaning. The microphone is still lying down not being moved, held, or used. This leads me to feel it was dropped or is not in use which doesn't speak to a revolution that is currently taking place. It starts to give the connotation of waiting for someone to pick it up, as in a call to action where someone needs to lead this revolution. Another conflicting feeling is the picture that is imposed on the wire of the microphone is starting to say rally, but feels out of place on the new microphone with the san serif typeface. The red in the typeface seems fierce and dangerous maybe violent, but the microphone still feels very corporate or commercialized and with a very organic painted picture is a strange contrast. I get the sense this would be more for like a playful purpose rather than a serious rally or call to action. Overall I'm still not exactly sure what direction you were going for the playful or serious.

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