Friday, November 6, 2009



jmeurer said...

Things to keep in mind

the cellphone text
how it can be represented?
how are you going to work with the diagram?

with the brain
how is the overall look become?
and how is the interaction between the sender and receive going to be represented.

don't forget to go back to your postcard which is most of the content need and provided since we did the experience of it

during your presentation people said 'keep the humor for engaging' and jamie provided the idea of video

your idea and 1 and 3 are represented well and can be more revised and understandable, so 'make it work' as Tim Gunn would say...and have fun with it

Kate Morr said...

I really liked the idea of giving the user the opportunity to create their own noise. That has the opportunity to be visually engaging AND educational. I don't really think that the cell phone idea would be very fun, but that's just my opinion. I guess I see it as There's only so much you can do via text.
You definitely have the potential to make some visually engaging, lmfao rofl kinda stuff, and I just can't see you doing something too serious like a few educational diagrams, when you have the opportunity to do something fun and exciting.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the text idea. I would really like to see a video with two people talking via text and then when something happens having it pause to show something about what the users are doing. This would put and entertaining factor on it and that more suits your personality that your other concepts.

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