Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Russel Wright Book: Conclusion

This project was a challenge because of the amount of content we had to deal with. Starting with the text file that was without format and contained hurdles like hard returns and incorrect character usage. It was a big change in direction from the Tender Buttons project, which was a good thing because it helps prepare us for the real world.

When tackling this project I started off by coming up with a grid for the entire contents.

After I had a grid laid out, I began placing content. I used the text, but for images I just used boxes at this point.

After crit I made some refinements and changes.

After another round of crits I began paying more attention to smaller details like the folio and running heads. I also changed the typeface from Futura (ha) to Garamond.

I began developing a cover...

My initial idea for the cover was to show the process of Russel Wright's work by showing some of his sketches, a blueprint, a finished product and also an image of him working on a piece by hand.

After another crit that idea was scratched. Instead of showing the contents on the cover by showing some of his work, I decided to only use type. I guess it is type class.

and the finished product...

Oh yea.


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