Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Statement For Non-linear Narrative

This project was a lot of fun (though at times I thought I was going to have an aneurysm). It was really interesting to experiment with how sound can change or alter the meaning or mood. In the beginning my narrative took on a more serious feeling, but by adding sounds that weren't so literal, I was able to make it more playful and at time comedic thus changing the meaning.

At first I was a little hesitant to relinquish control to the user, I was afraid that certain things in my narrative may be missed. I also kind of had a preconceived idea of where the sounds should play before we started on this and that may have been a reason as well. But once I started laying out the narrative I began to embrace the idea of 100% user control. Now the user can control every element to the narrative. I believe this adds to the user's experience.

In the beginning I had some ideas that had a more traditional look for the layout with a stage and buttons below that would control the actions. These were boring. I then started kicking around this idea of a comic book, or an old Batman episode.

I then began trying to break out of this idea that used a "stage" and buttons for everything and began trying to make it look more like a comic book.

I then began drawing the layouts digitally and to scale so I could get all the dimensions right.

Next came the buttons...

When I started assembling the piece in flash I ran into some difficulties achieving the look I wanted. During the production, the composition changed a little.

In the end I am happy with the result.


Johnna Pasch said...

I really like your sound effect quality. Your beat one has realllllly good sound quality. I like the fact that you can overlap all the sounds and videos at once and it still makes sense and goes together. Your music choices and sound effects all go with your narrative and are humorous. The music from the karate kid is funny because it is sort of expected but funny that you chose it because it is expected if that makes sense? :) The only sound effect I had trouble with was the bowling pin one. I would have liked to heard an actual spoken "POW" or something. I don't really tie the pins crashing into it, but maybe thats just me. I really enjoy your vector cartoon bubbles. They are well crafted and fit in with like a comic book fighting scene. Good job!!

Cameron Perry said...

to jonathan,

I thought the the aesthetic of your buttons were both very specific and very funny. The sounds were always satisfying, and your videos displayed the work from this class quite well.

I'm not sure what this project was good for other than a learning experience for all, but we all took advantage of this opportunity. Today was very entertaining and hopeful.

I'm thinking of things you could elaborate on:
1-the video containers could have a bit more possibility for interactivity. The restrictions of our capabilities in actionscript have prevented many of us to have minimal outcomes. But if it were up to me, the next phase of the process would be to fine-tune these into valuable artifacts.

2-also... the narrative was present and it was nice to be able to choose the sounds, but you should look at the possibility of putting the viewer on specific tracks with options to transition.

Richardson said...

Good responses guys, thanks.

Sean said...


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