Thursday, April 15, 2010

Information Architecture - Process

My first idea is to have the albums sort in a way that they appear to be moving through a space and coming out towards the user.

In the time line sort option the oldest albums would appear the farther away while the most recent would be the closest to the user.

In each sorting option the user would be able to hover over the album of their choice, the album would then highlight. Once the user clicks on the album a window would appear revealing information about the album including release date, and the era during which it was released.

Idea #2

This idea features a map of the United States which the albums would be place on according to region giving the user different sorting options.

The albums would appear according to the era they were released in...

The albums would appear, giving the user the ability to rollover and click on them...

There would then be a zoom which would focus on the selected album also revealing information about the selected album.


I have done all the album covers using the xerox transfer method. I feel that the one that turned out the best were the ones lighter in color. The darker albums didn't transfer as well and I think I will have to edit them a little bit in Photoshop.


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