Monday, April 26, 2010

T4 type conference criticism


jmeurer said...

so here are some things to help you out about your type con.

why a map that is abstract and not clear? why placed on top where it looks pasted on? Wish there was street names to become more clear and maybe bigger so you can use icons to represent where things are located like food, hotels, and the conference area.

You seemed to lose the sense of depth within the name tag and website and the very end of the animation when your actual concept deals with depth. This could have been by the color chosen. I believe some of your previous work will help gain interest.

I know you have heard a lot of talk about the color chosen for the whole and look and feel wasn't working because it was too calm and problematic.

With the website I felt that your navigation part was paste on, so not integrated as well.

Just as an idea maybe think and add bright colors like the contrast of black and white, maybe a yellow or bright green.

tammyshell said...

Your logotype is a lovely example of the poetic and somewhat ephemeral theme of creating type with light. Also, a nice reflection of movement has been captured within this stationary logo.

I have to say I gulped a little after viewing your video; it is wonderful. The drama contained throughout when only fragments are legible is a beautiful example of the elusive qualities of projection. (I enjoy the fragments of your process revealed within the video; the width of your flash light as well as proximity to the type seemed to be a determining factor of the amount of the word revealed.)

The return to a dark background was a good move; in comparison to the blue tones, the yellowish tones seem more natural as a reference to light.

The idea of allowing the attendees to “write with light“ to create his or her personal nametag is a great reference to an experimental and hands on approach. I like the idea of initiating the attendee into the conference with this fun activity; maybe some who are new to this approach will realize even simple experiments have great potential.

Your logotype is gorgeous and probably (in comparison) is contributing to the lackluster appearance of the subtitle. I think you might have to get a little more intuitive with it. (C. Perry style.) I believe the line is too long or straight or something. How can you break that thing up? Luminosity seems like a department of risk taking experimentation. No neckties—or stiff type—allowed. (I guess your speaker has a necktie in his photo—well nevermind.)

In reference to the website, the smaller logo (in your revisions) seems more sophisticated. Also the additional macro-fragment image in the background is a nice index of the motion (by the blur) contained within the type.

Your experiments are inspiring to me.

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