Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Information Architecture - Wireframes & Representations

Here the albums would be categorized according to region. The navigation would reveal the albums as the user controlled which category they chose to see. Each album would appear small on the map. As the user rolled over the album on the map a pop-up window would appear with more information about the album and the artist.

Here the user could control the time line. The albums would shift according to their place in time, sales, influence, controversy, and my favorites.

Here are the ways I have explored to represent the albums. I started with the following 3...

I started by attempting to illustrate the album covers using water color.

I then attempted to illustrate the artists...

I also played with cropping the album covers

I also attempted xerox transfers of the covers, but need to higher resolution images and a better scanner for this.

I really like what is happening in the last one with the "aged" look. I think this could be nice if I could achieve the same effect across the entirety of my collection.