Friday, April 9, 2010

Typographic Conference - Ideas About Artifacts, Identity

For the Luminosity Typographic Conference I have selected the following artifacts and how I feel they fit with this project.

Schedule Of Events (Print/Rational)
I feel this is a must. People will need to have this available at all times to be informed of what is taking place and when. I feel it perhaps should be small enough to fit into a pocket. Possibly folded, but not 100% sure.

Website (Screen/Rational)
Initially I had the idea of a blog, a PDF e-mail, and a forum. I figured the best way to combine all of these things would be a website. It would serve as pre and post conference material. It will serve as a place for attendees to find information, connect with each other and see images from the conference after.

User Generated Name Tags (Print/Emotional)
Attendees will be able to use a form of projected type to create their own name tags at the beginning of the conference. I felt this was a good way for attendees to use this area of typography hands on and interact while applying it to an artifact they will use throughout the conference and beyond.

Motion Narrative (Screen/Emotional-Rational)
This will serve as the initial invitation to the conference. It will contain information about what the conference is about and what will take place. Also the basic where and when information. I feel this will be far more interesting than a pdf or a simple e mail describing the conference to potential attendees.

Luminosity Investigation from Jonathan Richardson on Vimeo.